CCTV cameras are one of the most reliable ways to keep your premises safe and secure. A good CCTV surveillance system ensures that you can keep an eye on your important locations, premises and resources at all times. Such a system should also be powerful enough to deliver quality footage. After all, there is no point having a surveillance system if the footage is too grainy or distorted to provide any useful information.
Aside from performance, one key aspect about CCTV surveillance systems is to ensure maximum uptime, and this is where reliability comes into play. Your CCTV monitoring system hardware and software should be resilient to weather conditions. Hardware and software should also be tamper proof.
At Cynics, are committed to deliver practical, contemporary, up to date and high quality surveillance systems. Our goal is to help customers to attain higher profits and provide them with a one-stop shop service. We are proud to bring modern CCTV surveillance solutions to the industry. Instead of worrying about individual components and systems, our solutions provide you with a comprehensive surveillance system, designed specifically for your business needs.

Residential CCTV Surveillance

Our residential solutions are designed to keep residents and fellow occupants safe. An improved surveillance solution provides a comprehensive residential area coverage with our LPR integration. Together with a barrier gate system, only recognized vehicles are allowed access to the residential area. This gives industry-leading access control management and provides an extra level of security for residents. Even better, residents do not need to keep an access card which could get lost or damaged!

Estate/Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote locations such as farms and estates may find it challenging to set up a proper CCTV monitoring system. Wiring and power cables aside, you need to ensure that your hardware is rugged enough to withstand nature. And there is the challenge of setting up coverage to ensure all footage is transmitted. Well, Cynics has got this covered.

In addition to resilient hardware, our advanced software also comes with advanced artificial intelligence detection. This allows your farm security system to capture human and vehicle motion with picture perfect clarity. As most farms are located in areas with low coverage, we also provide a complete solution which includes wide 4G wireless coverage on your farm. This allows you to monitor your area 24 hours with real time connection. No worries about losing your evidence as you may enable cloud recording after installation.