A CCTV camera system is a good investment, to protect your investments. When people think about CCTV, they always think about offices and homes. However, nowadays CCTVs are powerful enough to cover entire residential areas and even remote locations such as farms and estates. It also allows you to see who is entering and leaving your property at any given moment. You can even view live security footage remotely using a smartphone app.
There are two main types of CCTV systems – wired and wireless. Wired systems use cables to connect each camera to a central monitoring unit. Wireless systems use radio waves instead of cables to transmit images between the cameras and the monitoring unit. Both types of systems offer similar features and benefits. However, some people prefer one type of system over another based on personal preference.
Another thing to consider is the groundwork that you are working with. For residential areas or even your home, most wiring work does not pose a challenge. However installing a CCTV system in a remote fruit estate has a different set of equipment needed. You need a wireless system, together with proper coverage and power source. A professional CCTV camera installer can definitely overcome these challenges.
Other than that, there are also plenty of CCTV packages in Malaysia that are readily available. Instead of purchasing each component separately and facing potential compatibility issues, a full CCTV package installation is definitely worth considering.
A typical installation cost will vary depending on your need. The cost typically includes the purchase of the equipment, installation, and maintenance. If you live in an area where there are no restrictions on installing security cameras, then you will not need planning permission. Especially for those planning on installations on a larger scale, you should check with your local council before starting any work.
If you’re looking to install a CCTV camera system, there are plenty of options available. At Cynics, we provide professional CCTV camera installation services. Our extensive portfolio covers residential, commercial and even estate projects. Get in touch with us to know more!