Modern access control systems are more than just about opening and closing doors. At Cynics, we provide more than that. Together, we welcome you to the next step in building access control. Our smart access solutions demonstrate how security systems should aspire to be in the future.

Secure Access Control

By using the latest technology, our face recognition access control is not just one singular system. It integrates multiple adjacent systems that allow for a seamless approach to modern security. Starting off with the basics, our access control is able to utilize advanced ID readers. Whether you need a simple key and pin, or something more reliable such as biometric scans, we have got you covered.

Access Control Software

Powered by our powerful JAVIN software, each system works together in tandem with each other to give unprecedented levels of security and ease of management. This combination of systems also makes sure that access flow rate is optimized to prevent over-congestion. The best thing is, our JAVIN software is also extremely scalable according to different needs.

One of the challenges for many offices is to ensure accuracy in clocking in and out. With traditional cards or pins, anyone can forge it. This is where Cynics comes in. Our face recognition access control system is also capable of using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for facial recognition. With a lightning-fast reading speed of only 2 seconds, our system can grant the right access to the right people at all times.

Fever Detection Camera Screening System Malaysia

As the pandemic continues, it seems like fever screening is located at every entry point. Our face recognition access control system also integrates a fever scanner to ensure the safety of all tenants and occupants within the premises. Our cameras can detect and screen individuals with fever accurately and swiftly.

If you wish to take a step into the future of smart access control, get in touch with us today!