Water Accessibility For All

Our solar water pumps system offers you the most efficient and environmental friendly solution for your various water consumption needs. We understand the farmers’ problem, provide them with solutions according to their needs and help the farmer to level up their harvest output.

What Our Solar Water Pump Can Help

Our highly innovative Solar Water Pumps can be applied in a variety of situations. Since it is 100% powered by the sun, the solar panels will reduce fossil fuel consumption and hence eliminate pollution. Moreover, it does not consume any of the electricity, so it will also not become a burden on your bank balance unlike other power-consuming and inefficient water pumps. With our modern solar water pump system, you can have running water all day at a minimal operating cost.

Benefits & Features

  • No more queuing for diesel
  • No more purchasing and refilling of diesel
  • No more maintenance and oil change for engine
  • On / Off, Schedule, Timer through mobile app
  • Fully stainless steel (including impeller)
  • Industrial weatherproof MPPT controller